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Event Calendar

Men's League
Wednesday, May 02, 2018, 09:00am
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Contact 812-988-7888

Wednesday Morning Men’s League

  • There will be an organizational meeting Wednesday, April 5th at 9am at Salt Creek Golf Retreat in the 19th Hole. Weather permitting, we will play a round of golf after.
  • The league is a handicap league and will start Wednesday, April 11th and run through September 5th (22 weeks). You do not have to play every week. Teams will be determined by draw of a card each week.
  • Handicaps will be based on your average score (for the last 5 games played) & USGA handicap formula.
  • There will be a shotgun start at 9am. You must be there by 8L30am or call in by 8:30 and be there by 8:45am to be included in the days play.
  • Non-Members will be required to pay green and cart fee of $25.
  • To join the league there will be a joining fee (per season) of $20. The $20 will go towards a dinner and prize money at the end of the league.
  • There will be a league championship game and luncheon on September 12th. You must play a minimum of 5 weeks to establish a handicap to play in the championship. Payout will be 4th = 10%, 3rd = 20%, 2nd = 30%, and 1st = 40%.
  • Each week there will be a $4 entry for the pot which will be paid back that day. (1st and 2nd place)
  • There will be a voluntary birdie pot of $1.00 if you wish to participate. All birdie’s and eagle’s are actual, not net. Birdies and eagles MUST be putted out. No gimmies.
  • Each team must appoint a person to keep a complete score card. Cards must contain player’s first initial and last name, individual gross scores, net team score or points in a point’s game, and have all actual birdies circled.
  • We will play different games every week.



  1. You may play any tee you wish. But, you must play the entire season on the tee you started out on.
  2. If your ball is out of bounds or lost, you may drop as close to where your ball went out or was lost with one penalty stroke.
  3. You may roll the ball the length of a score card. But you may not improve your lie or to avoid and obstacle. If you are in the rough, you must stay in the rough.
  4. Gimmies are allowed if the ball is inside of a standard putter’s length to the grip. (Place the head of your putter inside the hole and measure to the bottom of your grip). Exception is, birdies and eagles which must be putted out.
  5. The maximum amount of strokes you are allowed to take on a hole is an actual triple bogey or net double bogey in a point’s game. (if you are at triple bogey and not in the hole, pick your ball up, write down your triple and move on).
  6. Bunker play, you may play out of a bunker if you choose. Or drop on the opposite side of the bunker from the green with no penalty stroke (one time). If your ball goes back into the bunker you can either play it where it lies or take a penalty stroke and drop outside the bunker away from the green.
Location Salt Creek Golf Retreat